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[texts]Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 6 No. 3-4 (1954-11)(Hewlett-Packard)
Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 6 No. 3-4 (1954-11)(Hewlett-Packard)
Keywords: helix; amplifiers; tube; helices; amplifier; wave; coupler; output; coupling; modulating; rise time; modulating pulse; helical coupler; beam helix
Downloads: 41
[texts]Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 7 No. 5 (1956-01)(Hewlett-Packard)
Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 7 No. 5 (1956-01)(Hewlett-Packard)
Keywords: twt; helix; wave; sawtooth; modulation; amplifiers; modulating; output; offset; grid; offset carrier; sine wave; modulating grid; helix voltage; typical case
Downloads: 43
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1966-33
R&D Report 1966-33 : The transmission of television signals in a narrow bandwidth using frequency modulation W. Wharton, R.E. Davies, P.H.C. Legate The use of frequency modulation for the transmission of television signals through a fused-quartz ultrasonic delay gives a high degree of gain stability and relatively low impairment due to spurious echoes. However the bandwidth available in fused quartz delays of 1 ms delay and above is limited and may be less than twice the highest video modulating...
Keywords: frequency; transmission; signal; modulation; mhz; sidebands; modulating; bandwidth; amplitude; deviation; modulating frequencies; radio frequency; instantaneous frequency; frequency modulation; television signals; carrier frequency; spurious echoes; transmission path; frequency deviation; modulating frequency
Downloads: 39
[texts]national :: appNotes :: AN-0899
From the collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.national :: appNotes :: AN-0899
Keywords: quadrature; modulating; modulator; signal; phase; carrier; frequency; amplitude; vector; error; quadrature modulator; modulating signal; phase error; modulating signals; national semiconductor; phase shift; frequency spectrum; eye diagram; error terms; ssb test
Downloads: 44
[texts]BSTJ 39: 5. September 1960: An Alternative Approach to the Realization of Network Transfer Functions: The N-Path Filter. (Franks, L.E.; Sandberg, I.W.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 39: 5. September 1960 pp 1321-1350. An Alternative Approach to the Realization of Network Transfer Functions: The N-Path Filter. (Franks, L.E.; Sandberg, I.W.)
Keywords: transfer; network; function; functions; frequency; periodic; networks; filter; component; modulating; laplace transform; impulse modulator; transfer function; component networks; system technical; small compared; delay network; modulating functions; bell system; highly selective
Downloads: 100
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1963-64
R&D Report 1963-64 : Line-store standards conversion: The subjective effect of certain switch and store imperfections V.G. Devereux The experiments described in this report were carried out in order to investigate the subjective effect of interference on a television display caused by variations in the transfer characteristics of the switches and storage devices in a line-store standards converter; these variations in the characteristics of switches and storage devices result in perturbations of...
Keywords: signal; modulation; luminance; level; video; modulating; interference; subjective; perturbing; switches; subjective tests; subjective effects; storage devices; modulation level; video signal; modulating signal; luminance corresponding; black level; perturbing signal; sawtooth video
Downloads: 34
[texts]Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 10 No. 8 (1959-04)(Hewlett-Packard)
Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 10 No. 8 (1959-04)(Hewlett-Packard)
Keywords: output; modulation; frequency; modulating; carrier; generator; oscillator; waveform; amplifier; distortion; output level; modulating waveform; carrier frequency; signal generator; envelope distortion; amplifier output; dummy antenna; standard broadcast; oscillator tubes; modulation level
Downloads: 56
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1969)
73 Magazine October 1969 (#109) A Super-Gain Antenna for 40 Meters - Nine db on 40 meters might be called "super" ...... W4NVK 8 DX Corner - WTW reports and other DX jazz ...... K2AGZ 12 FET Chirper - Signal source for peaking converters for optimum signal/noise ...... K6QKL 20 The Inside Info on Alexander Graham - Or how the telephone really works ...... W2FEZ 24 Leaky Lines - Similar to "Grumbles," but by a licensed amateur, not a CB'er ........
Keywords: signal; frequency; modulation; amateur; arrl; radio; antenna; modulating; power; receiver; amateur radio; modulating signal; super gain; power supply; ham radio; field service; power level; modulation percentage; audio output; output signal
Downloads: 4,004
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1961-07
R&D Report 1961-07 : Crystal-diode modulators for the frequency range 10-1000 Mc/s. G.J. Phillips, R.G. Manton This report describes the development of low-power balanced diode modulators suitable for amplitude modulation by television or sound signals of a carrier in the frequency range 10-1000 Mc/s. From an original model, built in 1954, two later models have been developed having better performance in regard to the insertion loss at the carrier frequency, and uniformity of modulation response...
Keywords: modulator; modulation; frequency; insertion; signal; amplitude; impedance; transformer; output; phase; modulating signal; carrier frequency; insertion loss; modulation input; frequency response; frequency range; unwanted phase; signal generator; modulation frequency; good performance
Downloads: 70
[texts]BSTJ 46: 4. April 1967: Phase and Amplitude Modulation in High Efficiency Varactor Frequency Multipliers - General Scattering Properties. (Dragone, C.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 46: 4. April 1967 pp 775-796. Phase and Amplitude Modulation in High Efficiency Varactor Frequency Multipliers - General Scattering Properties. (Dragone, C.)
Keywords: multiplier; sidebands; input; output; frequency; amplitude; exp; scattering; modulation; properties; modulating waves; varactor frequency; system technical; scattering matrix; scattering properties; phase modulation; noise components; general scattering; bell system; output port
Downloads: 22
[texts]BSTJ 43: 6. November 1964: On the Spectral Properties of Single-Sideband Angle-Modulated Signals. (Barnard, R.D.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 43: 6. November 1964 pp 2811-2838. On the Spectral Properties of Single-Sideband Angle-Modulated Signals. (Barnard, R.D.)
Keywords: lemma; theorem; signals; lim; hilbert; functions; distributions; generalized; spectral; signal; open interval; nth order; system technical; hilbert transform; bell system; generalized hilbert; scalar functions; modulating signals; generalized functions; temperate distributions
Downloads: 35
[texts]BSTJ 42: 1. January 1963: The Fabry-Perot Electrooptic Modulator. (Gordon, E.I.; Rigden, J.D.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 42: 1. January 1963 pp 155-179. The Fabry-Perot Electrooptic Modulator. (Gordon, E.I.; Rigden, J.D.)
Keywords: modulation; microwave; fpe; electrooptic; amplitude; dielectric; frequency; modulator; bandwidth; sideband; microwave modulating; transmitted light; system technical; microwave frequency; bell system; electric field; transmission loss; dielectric constant; electrooptic modulator; transmitted intensity
Downloads: 48
[texts]BSTJ 26: 2. April 1947: Spectrum Analysis of Pulse Modulated Waves. (Lozier, J.C.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 26: 2. April 1947 pp 360-387. Spectrum Analysis of Pulse Modulated Waves. (Lozier, J.C.)
Keywords: pulse; spectrum; frequency; modulation; pulses; phase; modulated; wave; modulating; amplitude; pulse width; position modulated; frequency spectrum; modulated wave; pulse position; single pulse; technical journal; pulse train; spectrum analysis; phase modulated
Downloads: 63
[texts]BSTJ 42: 6. November 1963: Broadband Electro-Optic Traveling-Wave Light Modulators. (DiDomenico, M. Jr.; Anderson, L.K.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 42: 6. November 1963 pp 2621-2678. Broadband Electro-Optic Traveling-Wave Light Modulators. (DiDomenico, M. Jr.; Anderson, L.K.)
Keywords: modulator; optical; modulating; modulation; modulators; sin; phase; microwave; dielectric; amplitude; dielectric constant; zigzag modulator; light modulators; modulation sensitivity; system technical; electric field; velocity matching; phase velocity; bell system; normal modes
Downloads: 36
[texts]BSTJ 9: 3. July 1930: Measurement of Phase Distortion. (Nyquist, H.; Brand, S.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 9: 3. July 1930 pp 522-549. Measurement of Phase Distortion. (Nyquist, H.; Brand, S.)
Keywords: phase; delay; envelope; impedance; measuring; measurement; distortion; frequency; shift; system; modulating frequency; impedance curves; phase shift; system technical; envelope delay; bell system; phase shifter; technical journal; phase distortion; received currents
Downloads: 48
[texts]BBC Monograph Number 79
BBC Monograph 79: F.M. Deviation: Calibration and Measurement by Edge Coincidence Techniques. M.H. Riches.
Keywords: deviation; broadcasting; bbc; modulation; strobe; calibration; waveform; frequency; modulating; television; edge coincidence; schmitt trigger; deviation meter; strobe method; british broadcasting; sine wave; broadcasting corporation; strobe unit; sound broadcasting; rise time
Downloads: 85
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1980-02
R&D Report 1980-02 : Carfax': an example of an f.m. signal generated using digital techniques. P. Shelswell This report describes a method of generating frequency-modulated signals using digital techniques. The digital process introduces little distortion and provides a stable centre frequency. The drive for a "CARFAX" transmitter is described as an example of its application.
Keywords: frequency; signal; sampling; carrier; quantizing; noise; modulation; digital; accuracy; analogue; stable centre; quantizing errors; sampling frequency; error signal; carrier frequency; digital techniques; angular frequency; modulating signal; signal generated; noise power
Downloads: 25
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1962)
73 Magazine March 1962 (#18) Printed Circuit VFO - Extreme stability and simplicity of construction in this 50 MHz VFO may bug you to build ...... W5UB 6 Regulated Bias Supply - Great for linears, develops -20 to -120V @ 0-70 mA and presents only 6 ohms to grid ...... W5IUR 12 Check Transistors with an Ohmmeter - Here is the simplest test for transistors yet, and it's safe and works ...... W9QKC 14 Radar Detector - All you 2,500 MHz SWL's (UNFL's?) will appreciate this mobile receiver ........
Keywords: antenna; frequency; meter; circuit; output; power; modulation; signal; receiver; pulse; power supply; modulating signal; half wave; front panel; tank circuit; amateur radio; sale price; plate tank; screen grid; power output
Downloads: 2,306
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